Project Flare (“Good Idea” Stage)

Project Flare is a comments system firmly based on community self-management. It will utilize Excerion Central for authentication.

Excerion Central (Deactivated for now, will be back)

Excerion Central functions mainly as the private central point of communication between products and serves a number of consolidated services such as payments, single sign-on login, support and help making it easier to focus on core product features.


Excerion Games (Active)

Excerion Games is the game services product designed specifically for providing account management, community and support. It functions primarily as hub for all of the games created under it and the central public interface for things like game points, games support, and feedback (people need to vent/suggest things somewhere!).

Celice (Defunct)

Project Journaler (Defunct)

Excerion System (Deprecated)

Built on mostly redundant code found in Dark Gale/Excerion Games/Excerion Central. Uses various abstractions to make creating backend resources easy without creating new tables with redundant fields.  Currently includes the PHP and JS library. Soon the Java library (in some form) along with the SQL dumps will be added to make this complete.

OutrageRPG (2005, Defunct)

When I was 14-15 years old, I was inspired to create a browser based RPG when similar game moved in a direction that I and other players thought were not in the best of interests of the game community, so I thought I could do a better job! This game primarily involved players getting to the top of leaderboard by gaining power and forming crews, which are a band of people. By gaining power, players are able to take down NPCs, battle stronger players, and contribute their power collectively in a crew in an effort to take down “Adventure” and Boss NPCs for rewards such as items. Items extended player attributes, which offered a great opportunity for players to feel they could take down anything.  This game lasted 2 years, from ’05 to ’07, and in 2008, I tried to bring it back online, but I no longer had the most up to date codebase, so instead, I’ve open sourced it for people to learn from it. The most important lesson here, in my opinion, is building a community and finding ways to get feedback because the community factor will make or break your game regardless of features.

Dark Gale (2013, Defunct)

Dark Gale is a browser-based RPG. Characters are brought into a world where they can fight one another (PVP), gang up against each other (GVG), team up and kill NPCs in an effort to become the strongest character or characters collectively. I am looking to do what other browser based RPGs are not willing to do! This is one of those projects that you’ll remember for a long time because a lot of your progression and growth went into this. This game will most likely be open sourced.

Small Projects

ExContent Recommender (2012, Defunct)

This is primarily a Chrome extension that currently works at News at yCombinator and Reddit. This is the first extension that I’ve ever built and built it in a weekend. It uses a variant of the Naive Bayes Classifier using your past visited stories to recommend interesting stories, which are highlighted. Keep in mind, I only did this for funsies.

Future Direction: I may use some more statistical/nlp techniques to help find a better feature space.

UIUC Residence Hall Dining Food List (2011, Functionally Impaired)

Are you from UIUC and live in residence halls? Check this out! I updated design in Jan 2013. 🙂 Looks much better and there are links to the different residences and a date field included for easier search.