Internet Explorer 9 Preview Inline CSS Issue

I won­der what Inter­net Explorer 9 is to Microsoft. What is the mis­sion for this browser in this day and age because it seems to me that Microsoft is only updat­ing Inter­net Explorer because it is some­thing they started and won’t drop. I know that this is an early ver­sion of IE 9 mainly to show­case HTML 5, but some stan­dards being sup­ported cor­rectly by Inter­net Explorer would be nice.

Atten­tion web devel­op­ers! Have you tried to include inline CSS through AJAX only to find that it doesn’t work on ANY usable ver­sion of IE! I remem­ber Google Chrome didn’t sup­port it at one point, but it works now. I cre­ate sep­a­rate pages that have their own CSS attrib­utes that need to be applied to the ele­ments in order for a IE user to cor­rectly use the page. Actu­ally these pages are loaded into <div> ele­ments along with the CSS. Why? These pages do not have a header or footer because they are being loaded into a div and are really small pages that do not need the whole browser window/tab to refresh. It is far quicker to retrieve the page and put it in a div, which in fact is drag­gable, so to me it is a win­dow of its own. The point is is that IE needs to FIX THIS because it is an issue now that all oth­ers browsers sup­port it.

Here is a sim­ple solu­tion to the prob­lem, but I refuse to add indi­vid­ual page styles to the global style.css file. Regard­less of whether inter­net explorer 9 will sup­port INLINE CSS, I will imple­ment a JavaScript class/prototype where the win­dow CSS attrib­utes are manip­u­lated by javascript instead of CSS. I am forced to do this because even if IE 9 catches on, there will still be users of IE 7 and 8 that will use my site and there­fore I must cater to them and I don’t expect IE 9 to catch on until 2012 or so, which isn’t worth my time.

I am cer­tain if Microsoft cared about Inter­net explorer as much as Google or Mozilla cares for their browsers then Microsoft will either start a new browser spin­off, start Inter­net Explorer anew by rebuild­ing it entirely, or by replac­ing parts of Inter­net Explorer with new code from another branch that can be started off with the mis­sion to rewrite archaic code as well as their depen­den­cies. I only say this because I think Microsoft doesn’t care about IE as long as it is a browser and mostly works. To be hon­est, I tend to think that way too! As long as my web­site works in IE, I don’t care!

Why do I say rewrite or rebuild IE? There is a newly built com­puter at work run­ning Win7 and IE 8, but guess what? IE 8 crashes or stalls for a very long time. Fire­fox is mainly used on that com­puter though Google Chrome is there as well. IE 8 is really slow on older com­put­ers indi­cat­ing that there are things in the pro­gram that need to be changed. IE 8 is essen­tially, in my view, buggy and a secu­rity risk. I assume that IE 9 is built from IE 8 and keep my view on it based on expe­ri­ences with IE 8. The fact that IBM wants its employ­ees to make Fire­fox the default browser doesn’t shock me at all. Per­son­ally as of this year, I’ve been prone to switch default browsers to Chrome or Fire­fox or other com­put­ers just because IE 8 tends to be a prob­lem some­where along the road.

It dawns upon me, every time I hear about Microsoft, “What are they doing? Microsoft isn’t focused. What is their mis­sion nowa­days?” Peo­ple see me as a Microsoft lover, but hon­estly I am only a Win­dows lover. Microsoft does tend to make good prod­ucts now and then, but IE is one of the worst soft­ware infrac­tions and who­ever cre­ated IE along with the cur­rent main­tain­ers should be arrested. Maybe that’s going a lit­tle too far, but some­thing needs to be done and it needs to be one of those paths I talks about above. I down­right sup­port destroy and create!

Didn’t or isn’t Microsoft researching/developing a new browser using tab iso­la­tion? Gazelle FREESTYLE!

I per­son­ally do not develop for IE 6, 7, Fire­fox < 3.5. IE 8+, Opera 10+, Google Chrome 4+, Mozilla Fire­fox 3.5+ and Safari 4+ are the only desk­top browsers I look to sup­port­ing for any web­site I create.