How to use the Memory Functions of your Calculator

or Win­dows Calculator.

There are five mem­ory func­tion on Win­dows Cal­cu­la­tor and I will assume that basic cal­cu­la­tors have these func­tions MC, MR, MS, M+, and M-. Even if your cal­cu­la­tor does not have all of these func­tions, it will have some way of sav­ing and recall­ing val­ues (numbers).

Descrip­tion of each button:

MC > Clears the memory

MR > Recall value in memory

MS > Save value into memory

M+ > Adds the cur­rently dis­played num­ber on your cal­cu­la­tor to the  num­ber in memory

M– > Sub­tracts the cur­rently dis­played num­ber from the num­ber in memory


Lets try to get to 100 purely using the mem­ory functions

Step 1: Turn on the cal­cu­la­tor if it is not turned on already. Make sure the m indi­ca­tor is not on.

Step 2: Type 50 and press MS. This means 50 has been saved to mem­ory. You want proof?

Proof: Clear the screen and put in 40 then press MR to recall 50. Viola, 50 appears on to screen.

Step 3: Two ways to get to 100.

Step 3.1: Make sure 0 is dis­played. Now type 2 and mul­ti­ply, then press MR and equal. You will get 100.

Step 3.2: Make sure 0 is dis­played. Press MR once to get 50 and press M+ to add 50 to the 50 in mem­ory. You now have 100 and it is stored in memory.

Step 4: Get­ting rid of the mem­ory indi­ca­tor. I present three ways to do this.

Step 4.1: Press MC. That simple

Step 4.2: Press MR then press M-. Mem­ory indi­ca­tor is gone.

Step 4.3: Assum­ing you still have 100, type in 25 and press M– four times and mem­ory indi­ca­tor goes away.

That’s all it takes to do this. There might be a case where you divide 2/3 and need the answer later on for mul­ti­ple cal­cu­la­tions or some­thing, then you would store the answer in mem­ory and recall it when­ever you need it. A col­lege chem­istry course seems like a good use case as graph­ing cal­cu­la­tors may be banned from chem­istry tests for their chem­istry pro­grams, which would make tests unfair.

Any­way, I hope this helps you with these seem­ingly cryp­tic func­tions. Barely any­one I knew, myself included, used them. Mostly because they seemed cryp­tic as we stu­dents don’t really use man­u­als. Graph­ing cal­cu­la­tors make the recall and save func­tions more appar­ent, but revert back to sim­ple cal­cu­la­tors and peo­ple like me (before this) lose the recall, answer, save func­tions since we don’t know how to use the basic mem­ory func­tions. Maybe some­one will finally make a cheap cal­cu­la­tor where I don’t have 5 cryp­tic func­tions when they can use two but­tons for sav­ing and recalling.